Email Marketing – Designing Tips

In the world filled with spam filtering technology, various web browsers, multiple email platforms and numerous electronic viewing devices, the layout and design of your email marketing have the potential to get your emails noticed or better ignite your audience into taking action. However, you need to be aware of the key elements that can make a difference in terms of both appearance and deliverability.

  • Add Photos

Snaps are a great way to grab reader’s attention and break up blocks of text in your email. However, there are three most popular file formats such as JPEG, PNG and the latest GIF and each one of them their own advantages over the other. JPEG format supports millions of colours, keeps the file size down but sacrifices some loss of quality and should not be used for text-based images. On the other hand, PNG also supports millions of colours and provides small file while maintains the quality. It supports transparency capability and is good for logos and files. The GIF format is limited to256 colours and not recommended for files with a wide range of colours.

  • Include Videos

Adding videos to your email can increase click-through rate by 50%. However, Gmail and Outlook do not support the requirements for videos to play directly inside emails. Instead, you can take a screenshot of your video and link the image to your YouTube channel, Vimeo or your website. You can also add play button on the static image to let users know that screenshot is for video.

  • Incorporate Logo

This is an important attribute. Adding your company logo let recipients know exactly who is sending the message and people will start recognising your brand. This also helps establish trust and your messages appear more credible.

These are few of the tips for designing your email marketing and do remember to keep it as simple as possible.

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